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RST-SF-2 Marginal-Lubrication Bearings


    RST-SF-2 Marginal-Lubrication Bearing is based on a composite material with 3 firmly bonded layers:steel as backing. sintered bronze sphericalpowder as interlayer and modified POM as lining layer, it fits well for low speed, heavy duty and normal temperature and saves cost and prolongs working life when replacing normal all copper sleeves. It is widely applied in auto chassis, forging machine, metallurgical and mining machine, civil engineering,power station, strip rolling industries,etc.


    Material Structure

    1. POM 0.30-0.50mm, anti abrasion, low friction coefficient even no oil given. The inside of the bearing are full of indentions, which need to be filled with grease before installing.
    2. Bronze powder layer, 0.20-0.35mm, high load capacity and anti-abrasion, good thermal conductivity, which also further strengthen the combination of the POM layer and steel plate.
    3. Low carbon steel, which improved load capacity & thermal conductivity.
    4. Copper/Tin plating layer, 0.005mm, anti-corrosion.

Max load Static Load 250N/mm2 Operation temp. -40℃~+130℃
Low-speed Rotation 140N/mm2 max linear velocity Grease lubrication 2m/s
Rotation、Oscillation 70N/mm2 Keep to supplying oil >2m/s
Max PV 3N/mm2.m/s Thermal Conductivity 4W(m.K)-1
Friction coefficient 0.05~0.20
Coefficient of thermal expansion 11x10-6K  



  1. The product can be used under high load with low speed, rotation, oscillation, and also can be applied in no liquid lubricants environment that switches frequently with load; the part can work without oil, and will have a long operating life if oil given; the POM layer can be machined during installing, which will be benefit to the mating.
  2. The products now mainly used in metallurgy machine, mine industry, irrigation machine, agriculture machine etc.